Bermuda: my top 10


Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean with the population of approximately 65,000 people and 53.5 Bermuda consists of 138 islands with all the major islands aligned on a hook-shaped (or scorpion shaped) axis and connected together by road bridges. During our 2 week visit, we had an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places on the island. Here is my top 10:

1. Hire a scooter

This is the best way to explore the island. Until the arrival of the US military during the second world war, cars were entirely banned from the island. Even now, only residents are permitted to own cars; visitors normally use public transport or hire a scooter.

2. Pink sand beaches

Bermuda has the world’s best beaches. Horseshoe bay is a must but can be very crowded.

3. Crystal & Fantasy caves

Crystal cave was discovered in 1905 when two young boys were attempting to retrieve a lost cricket ball. It is about 36 metres below the ground level and an absolute must see.

4. Lunch or dinner at Mickey’s, Elbow Beach

5. Out on the boat / snorkelling

6. Golf or mini-golf

This is a fun way to spend the afternoon.

7. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

One of the oldest cast iron structures in the world. First lit on May 1st 1846. You can climb its 180 steps to the observation deck surrounding the lamp, which offers spectacular views of the island and the waters around.

8. Kayaking around Somerset and under the world’s smallest drawbridge

9. Wednesday night markets in Hamilton

In Bermuda, summer fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Each week locals and visitors enjoy vibrant, evening street festivals, taking advantage of the long summer days.

10. Visit Flatts Village

It is one of the earliest settled areas in Bermuda. You can visit Bermuda Aquarium and scrub clean the shell of a turtle :).

On a rainy day – Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
Here you will find all you need to know about the ocean and marine environment as well as learn about Bermuda Triangle, shipwreck treasures, shells, experience simulated shark cage and many more…

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