Dry body brush


I’ve been lucky enough to have a non-problematic skin. I must admit, most of the time I’ve been taking it for granted and exposing it to very harsh sunlight which we get here in Australia. As I get older and hopefully wiser, I have started paying more attention to what I put inside as well as apply outside of my body. As a result, I decided to share some of my skin care secrets starting with dry body brushing.

One of my rituals in the morning is to dry body brush. I do it every morning before I shower and it helps me wake up, re-activate and embrace a new day. It also leaves my skin feeling smooth and glowing. After noticing the benefits of it on my skin, I did some research and here is what i found.

Dry body brushing helps to get rid of dead skin cells, promotes blood circulation and cell renewal. It can provide an effective detox for your body by assisting in the elimination of waste via your circulatory and lymphatic system. Most people are unaware of the number of toxins building up in their systems daily. Toxic metals and other chemicals can be in the food we eat, the water supply and air pollution. Our bodies can produce toxins as well from stress, muscle fatigue and lack of sleep and if not eliminated they can cause health problems.

Dry body brushing calms the mind, especially if done with candlelight and a drop or two of essential oil, such as lavender [post on that coming soon]. It also reduces muscle tension, re-energises in the morning and deeply relaxes you at night.

Please note:
•Do not brush over sunburn or inflamed or irritated skin
•Avoid breasts & genitalia area
•Wash the brush after use to remove dead skin cells
•Brush from your feet upward and toward your heart
•Brush from the left to the right side of your body

For the best results, I’d suggest to combine dry body brushing with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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