Lavender Face Mist

I found out about the Face Mist only recently and now I cannot spend a day without it. I used to buy the face mist from ‘Sukin’ but now I discovered a way to make my own face mist and would highly recommend it to everyone.

What you will need:
– 1 glass spritzer bottle which can be purchased from a pharmacy or a health food store
– 1 cup of boiling water (as much as your bottle can hold)
– 1 drop of organic lavender essential oil or steep a few lavender flowers

Let the water cool the pour it all into your spritzer bottle and ready to use. Please note it keeps only for about 1.5 weeks. Try not to add too much oil as the fragrance can be very strong.

You can use the mist on your face, your body, to heal any blisters, bites or sores. It can also be used as an air freshener and on pillows at night.


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