Gift idea for a Hen – Cookbook


This must be my age but it feels like everyone is busy with wedding planning. This is a joyful occasion and very exciting for those who are involved. I was recently invited to one of my friend’s hens weekend-away which I am looking forward to… I had to decide on a gift and thought that instead of buying something ordinary, to get more personal and designed a very special cookbook for her.

The cookbook is a compilation of photos, recipes and quotes from her closest friends. I put quite a bit of thinking into it and was very happy with the outcome. This can be a perfect gift for anyone and will be cherished for years.


You need the following:

  • A program, which can be downloaded online. I used a website that also offers a print  option –‘albumworks’.
  • A few photographs of that person or of you with that person. They can be collected from friends, family and should have a funny twist
  • Recipes and quotes, which can also be sourced from friends and family
  • Decide on colour palette. I would advise to use the person’s favourite colours or pastel
  • Make all headings same size and colour for consistency
  • Make font same on each page
  • Have fun with backgrounds and the way you place and frame photographs
  • Use pinterest to find some additional images and prints. They are useful for filling in the gaps
  • Make it look clean, don’t overload with multiple images – the less, the better
  • Try to keep it balanced, i.e. if one page has a photo, better to place text on the other page
  • Do a spellcheck before sending it for print

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