Little Things

[Pretty autumn colour scheme]

The cooler weather has started catching up on me. Having grown up in a country with a proper white winter, people expect me to have a strong resistance to cold temperatures. However, I’ve never felt as cold as I do during winters in Australia. Most of it is to do with the lack of central heating in houses, air-conditioning in offices and a minimal amount of winter clothes sold in stores (the reason for which I can probably understand). Having said that, there is also something special about winter here. For me, it is about spending quality time at home whether I’m watching a movie or simply reading a book. It is the best time to slow down, not overcommit and seeing beauty in the little things. Have a great weekend!

[Quick lunch: smashed avo with lime juice and cottage cheese on sourdough toast]
[Healthy Anzac biscuits for Anzac Day made from this recipe]
[Kids’ toys at a coffee shop]
[Check this out: 1000 awesome things]

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