Placemats DIY

placemats ready1

I like the idea of having outdoor tableware which is bright and colourful and makes you feel like summer all year round. Our apartment is located on a top floor and has a little balcony which we love using when it’s warm outside. Since we live so close to the harbour and beach, the colour combination of white and blue seems to me the most appropriate. I decided to incorporate these colours into the placemats which are now a perfect addition to our al fresco dining. Here are the steps I took:
diy items
Items you need: white or neutral-coloured placemats (I got mine at David Jones), fabric paint (I used ‘Mediterranean Blue’ colour), scissors, masking tape, a measuring tape, a brush and a pen.
Start by measuring the middle of the placemat and marking it with the pen on both sides. Stick a strap of the masking tape onto the placemat ensuring that the middle of the placemat goes through the middle of the strap. Working sideways from the middle, stick the tape side to side until you reach the edge of the placemat.
placemats 2
Once the placemat is covered with the tape, remove every second strap creating the gaps for you to paint on. This will ensure that the widths of the stripes are even.
placemats 3
Start applying a heavy coat of the paint with the brush. Repeat the same for the rest of the placemats.
Dry for 12 hours. Remove the tape and leave to dry for another 24-36 hours. For a bright, summer-like feel, I pair my placemats with white tableware and flowers.

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