Port Stephens

Port Stephens[Magical sunrise at One Mile Beach]

Our trip to Port Stephens was fantastic! It’s nice to be reminded of how therapeutic it is to hang out by the water. We stayed at a lovely resort with great water views and walking distance to d’Albora Marinas. Saturday was fully dedicated to the triathlon which went great! The same night we went out for dinner to The Little Beach Boathouse (highly recommend) and indulged on fresh local oysters and seafood followed by a chocolate fondant. The next morning we went exploring some of the bays and beaches in the area. Shoal Bay was our favourite and so we’ve agreed to stay there the next time we are in Port Stephens. One of the highlights was quad biking on sand dunes – great fun! By the time we got home, it felt like we had just returned from vacation.

DSC_0068[Pelicans are just one of many wildlife species you’ll find in Port Stephens]
DSC_0073[The Little Beach Boathouse restaurant]
DSC_0109[Sunny Shoal Bay]
DSC_0115[Quirky gift shops at Shoal Bay]
DSC_0113[Stand Up Paddle boarding competition]
DSC_0105[The Lighthouse. A light was first exhibited from this point on Nelson Head on 1st April 1872. Prior to that time there was no guidance for marines entering the Port and numerous shipwrecks and loss of life occurred]
IMG_4789[Sand Dune Adventures – a must do]
DSC_0059[Nelson Bay Marina]

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