Chalkboard Paint Jars DIY

Chalkboard paint jars
I spend lots of time in the kitchen and find that my pantry can get out of control. This can be frustrating especially for someone who likes things organised. A couple of months back I made a list of all things I normally store in my pantry as well as the size of storage they need. Over the two year period that we’ve lived in our place, I’ve accumulated a large collection of jars and found that they are the best storage solution for all my seeds, grains, nuts and spices. The last piece of the project was labels. I didn’t want to stick or place paper labels on jars as they can quickly become greasy or out of date. Chalkboard paint that I used for my previous DIY project came in handy. I find writing with chalk is so much fun and can easily be erased or updated.

Items you need: Your own jars (most of mine are from IKEA), chalkboard paint, a brush, scissors and masking tape.
DYI jar
Line masking tape over one side of the jar so that it creates a rectangular shape. I didn’t have any measurements, it depended on the size of a jar and content. Apply a couple of thick and even coats of the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.
Jars in progress
Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and then use the chalk to write on the jars.

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