My Beach Essentials

beach essentials
Here, in Australia, we are blessed with sunshine and picturesque beaches. Many people spend their weekends or even summer vacations on the beach which can be a short stroll away from home. Packing a beach bag is an in-built habit and something that everyone does without too much thought. When I came to Australia, it took me some time to figure out the key things I had to have in my beach bag. On a few occasions, I would either forget to take my sunscreen or buy a bottle of water. Now, after nine years, I feel more or less comfortable in packing up for the beach.

1. Sunscreen – There is no better way to protect your skin from sun damage and premature ageing. I normally apply sunscreen beforehand to give it enough time to absorb and to create a protective layer. I try to reapply it every hour or so. As the sun in Australia is extremely strong, the sunscreen I use is at least 30+ and broad-spectrum (UVA+UVB)

2. Beach towel – I found the wider a towel is the cleaner it stays throughout your stay at the beach. Small or narrow towels end up being covered with sand after a short period of time. Also I wouldn’t suggest a thick towel as it doesn’t dry out quickly

3. Hat – I used to underestimate how badly the sun damages hair. These days, when I go to the beach I don’t leave the house without a hat. It also protects my face and eyes

4. Sunglasses – I wear a pair of sunglasses at all times and normally take a relatively inexpensive pair (in case I drop it in the water) but with good UV protection

5. Bottle of water – I constantly feel dehydrated at the beach so a bottle of water is my absolute saviour

6. Light snack / fruits – being next to the water makes me hungry so I always make sure that I have a light snack packed in my bag

7. Headache tablets – lengthy sun exposure and dehydration can cause headaches so I always have some tablets with me in case of emergency

8. Magazine / book – a good read makes my time at the beach more relaxing

9. Face towel – I like to wash my face after a swim so a little towel comes in handy

10. Spare underwear – while it’s almost impossible to forget a bathing suit, a pair of underwear can be difficult to remember. I try to always take it with, in case I need to quickly change from my bathing suit to head out somewhere else after the beach

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