January Beauty

January beauty

Since I turned 30, I have started paying more attention to my skin care routine and experimenting with new make-up and other beauty products. This month though I’d like to share a couple of my all-time favourites: a moisturiser, a lip balm, and a push top bottle (my recent discovery).

Hydra Life Pro-youth Sorbet Creme has been with me for almost 10 years. Despite my efforts to find a better and cheaper product, I always end up purchasing it again. I apply it to my face and neck in the morning so my skin is fully hydrated, luminous and incredibly even throughout the day. It was interesting to learn that Dior builds on major scientific and medical research discoveries and applies this knowledge to skincare. One of their discoveries was the subject of the Nobel Prize in 2003, after over 10 years of research. Also, a trilogy of floral extracts (Jisten, Mallow & Centella) contained in Hydra Life are sourced from Dior gardens. One of them, Jisten, was found in Uzbekistan, the country I grew up in, so I have an emotional attachment to it.
Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment made in Australia from pure Australian pawpaws and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. I’ve always had extremely dry and scaly lips and this oitment revived them in a matter of days. I always have it handy at home or in my handbag and use it for minor burns, sunburn, rash and insect bites.
This push top bottle has been my recent discovery. I usually polish and paint my nails at home and this bottle makes the experience more salon-like. It can also be used for make-up remover, cleanser / toner and other cosmetic liquids.

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