Young NSW

Young Header
[Harvest from a cherry orchard]

Last year, on my Birthday, we drove to Young for the Cherry Picking Festival. We were so excited to get out of the city and four hours later, we found ourselves in the country town of Young. The town is renowned for its scenic countryside, vineyards, orchards, fascinating pioneering history and for being known as the Cherry Capital of Australia!

The cherry festival was in full swing. We witnessed all sorts of entertainment, from a pie eating competition to the streed parade. The farmers market had an abundance of fresh and tasty produce. We picked our own cherries at Ballinaclash Orchard, which was one of the highlights, and indulged on cherry pies!

On the second day, we had breakfast at Wilders Bakery and visited Lambing Flat Folk Museum. We drove back to Sydney via Orange, where we stopped for some wine tasting at De Salis Winery.

We came home feeling refreshed and with a feeling that there is so much more to explore in Australia in addition to the coastal towns and countless beaches.

[Warm welcome to Young – Cherry Capital of Australia]

[Cherry pie eating contest]

[Cherry orchards at Ballinaclash]

[Cherry treat from Allambie Orchard]

[Parade on the streets of Young]

[Peaceful setting at Allambie Orchard]

[A must-visit bakery in Young, well-known for its award-winning cherry pie]

[Last century’s cooking appliances at Lambing Flat Folk Museum]

[Views from De Salis Winery, Orange NSW]

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