Ring and Cufflink Tray DIY

Ring Tray DIY

Since I got engaged, I’ve been carefully looking after my diamond ring and keeping it safe at all times. When I was searching for some wedding inspiration, I came across this great DIY and decided to give it a go. I made one little tray a couple of weeks ago and showed it to my fianc√©. He thought it was a great idea and asked if he could have one for his cufflinks. I now have the trays all around the house: bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. This can also be a nice present, and you can even make it personal by using different stamps or initials. Here is how to make it:

Items you need: FIMO oven hardening modelling clay, round cookie/scone cutter, stamps and baking paper.
Roll the clay into a ball. Using a rolling pin, roll the ball into a flat circle ensuring an even thickness.

Step 4-5
Cut out a circle with the cookie/scone cutter and press down with a stamp in the centre.

Step 6-7
Slightly bend up the sides and place on a backing tray lined with the baking paper.

Following the clay instructions, bake for 30 minutes at 110C. Once cooled, it’s ready to be used.

Gilded Salt and Pepper Shakers DIY

s&p shakers cover
Gold adds sparkle to any setting and has recently become a trendy colour. It can be noticed in a lot of decor pieces, kitchenware and textiles. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of golden leaf gilding. After I bought this set on Amazon, I went in search of DIY projects. This DIY idea was found on this blog which I decided to replicate at home.
things needed
Items you need: 1. Simple Leaf Leafing Sheets; 2. Plain white salt and pepper shakers (I got mine from Myer); 3. double-sided tape; 4. scissors.
step 1
Take a piece of tape and cut it in half.
step 2
Wrap the tape around the lower part of the shaker and apply a piece of the gold leafing around the tape.
step 3
Take the second half of the tape and cut in half again. Wrap it above the larger tape. Apply a piece of the gold leafing around the tape.

Chalkboard Paint Jars DIY

Chalkboard paint jars
I spend lots of time in the kitchen and find that my pantry can get out of control. This can be frustrating especially for someone who likes things organised. A couple of months back I made a list of all things I normally store in my pantry as well as the size of storage they need. Over the two year period that we’ve lived in our place, I’ve accumulated a large collection of jars and found that they are the best storage solution for all my seeds, grains, nuts and spices. The last piece of the project was labels. I didn’t want to stick or place paper labels on jars as they can quickly become greasy or out of date. Chalkboard paint that I used for my previous DIY project came in handy. I find writing with chalk is so much fun and can easily be erased or updated.

Items you need: Your own jars (most of mine are from IKEA), chalkboard paint, a brush, scissors and masking tape.
DYI jar
Line masking tape over one side of the jar so that it creates a rectangular shape. I didn’t have any measurements, it depended on the size of a jar and content. Apply a couple of thick and even coats of the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.
Jars in progress
Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and then use the chalk to write on the jars.

Placemats DIY

placemats ready1

I like the idea of having outdoor tableware which is bright and colourful and makes you feel like summer all year round. Our apartment is located on a top floor and has a little balcony which we love using when it’s warm outside. Since we live so close to the harbour and beach, the colour combination of white and blue seems to me the most appropriate. I decided to incorporate these colours into the placemats which are now a perfect addition to our al fresco dining. Here are the steps I took:
diy items
Items you need: white or neutral-coloured placemats (I got mine at David Jones), fabric paint (I used ‘Mediterranean Blue’ colour), scissors, masking tape, a measuring tape, a brush and a pen.
Start by measuring the middle of the placemat and marking it with the pen on both sides. Stick a strap of the masking tape onto the placemat ensuring that the middle of the placemat goes through the middle of the strap. Working sideways from the middle, stick the tape side to side until you reach the edge of the placemat.
placemats 2
Once the placemat is covered with the tape, remove every second strap creating the gaps for you to paint on. This will ensure that the widths of the stripes are even.
placemats 3
Start applying a heavy coat of the paint with the brush. Repeat the same for the rest of the placemats.
Dry for 12 hours. Remove the tape and leave to dry for another 24-36 hours. For a bright, summer-like feel, I pair my placemats with white tableware and flowers.

Autumn Flower Arrangements

Despite my love of flowers, flower arrangement has never been my strongest skill. When buying flowers, I always opt for a pre-made bunch from the florist. Until I went to the Sydney Flower Market, I thought this was all I needed. Even though I had to wake up before dawn to make there on time, I was overwhelmed by the variety of fresh cut flowers. I was well prepared and made a list of flowers I needed to buy the night before. Here are three arrangements which I really enjoyed making.
FA 1.1
FA 2

Easter Gift Idea

Easter Gift Idea - cover

Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays. This is the time when I can take myself back into the childhood when I was Easter-egg hunting and eating all that chocolate afterwards (guilt-free). This is also a great time for family and friends reunions. With that in mind, here is a gift idea that can suit both kids and adults. Since calories don’t count during Easter, the numbers of Easter eggs in the jar can easily be adjusted.

Easter Gift Idea - what you need
[1. Typo Glass Jar; 2. Baby chicks from Two-Dollar-Shop; 3. Lindt Easter Collection; 4. ‘Morgan & Finch’ Sitting Rabbit Stickers; 5. Paper Tag Set (similar here); 6. Recycled Ground Wood Paper (or Paper Grass) from Lincraft; 7. ‘Morgan & Finch’ Hanging Eggs]

Combo 1
Combo 2

Entertaining at Home: DIY – Cheese Board

My second DYI project is the chalkboard cheese board. This board will add a personal touch that everyone would love. It will also come in handy for upcoming holidays.

What you need:
1. a cutting board
2. chalkboard paint
3. paintbrush
3. chalk