Easter Morning Table Setting

DSC_0005 2
I love Easter morning – the time when people get together over a nice breakfast or brunch. This year, my boyfriend and I were savouring the holiday at home. For breakfast, we decided to have our new-favourite Bircher Muesli (post is coming soon) and a few Hot Cross Buns which we bought the night before. Here is how we set the table which brought even more light and colour into our dining area. Have an egg-celent Easter!

Entertaining at Home: Games and Dress-ups

To make your party memorable, it is good to mix things up with some dress-ups. It doesn’t have to be a costume party, having a few things at home (birthday hats, funky glasses or glow sticks) can do the trick.

Very often people find that after the guests have had enough to eat and drink, the party is coming to an end. To avoid this, it’s always fun to play some games. I have two great games in mind:

1. “Who am I” – a person get a post-it note stuck to his/her forehead with a name of a famous person/character written on it. He/she needs to guess who that person is by asking questions.

2. “Charades” – all-time favourite and always fun to play. You can find the rules here

Image via Wikimedia.

Entertaining at Home: Ambiance

Last weekend, I invited some of my closest friends to celebrate my Birthday. The idea of hosting a party and entertaining at my place makes me overly excited. I’m big into planning everything in advance and this event was not an exception. Also I stick to the rule that a host should be spending time with the guests and enjoying his/her own party. In order to achieve this, there are quite a few things to consider. I devote this whole week to entertaining at home and my first post is about creating an ambiance.

A good ambiance can be naturally created when you have:

1. A clean house
2. A bunch of fresh flowers or two
3. Some music on the background
4. Balloons (if it is a birthday or special occasion)
5. Slideshow of your photos accumulated over the years. I believe into sharing, by sharing your photos you let your friends to experience some of the best moments of your life