Little Things

cup of coffee
[Coffee art which I admire]

This week was a whirlwind. Between meetings at work, training, a work trip and little time at home, I’m glad it’s finally weekend. With unusually warm weather in Sydney, tonight we are very excited to go out and finally see this year’s Vivid Festival. I’m also looking forward to catching up on a few episodes of Game of Thrones and having some quality time at home. Have a nice weekend!

[Beautiful flowers we unexpectedly received for our engagement]
[Favourite centrepiece: mandarins in a straw basket]
[Being spoilt by Sydney’s warm weather: morning by the beach]
[I’m a big fan of MINIMIAM – A Miniatures + Food Photography project by Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida]

Little Things

[Celebrating the weekend]

This has been one exciting week! When we were in Port Stephens, on Sunday morning my boyfriend proposed to me. It was very romantic and sweet, with just me and him as we were walking on the beach and enjoying the sunrise. We could barely wait to share the news with our families and friends but had to wait till the evening because of the different time zones. This allowed us to savour the moment on our own. After all of the festivities this week, I can’t wait to spend a weekend at home with my now fiancé.

IMG_4673[Hazy Sunday afternoon in Sydney]
Waratah[New addition to our home – Waratah flower, NSW Floral Emblem]
DSC_0095[My engagement ring]

[I’ve been blown away by the choice my boyfriend made when choosing the ring. Happy I’m not Carrie…]

Little Things

[My favourite mug (a present from my friend who lives in Wisconsin) + pink nails]

Since this week was one of my busiest weeks in a while, we named it the ‘everything’ week. Busy is not always a bad thing – on Wednesday night we went to see a comedy show which was absolutely fantastic. We laughed to tears… Today we are heading up to Port Stephens where my boyfriend will take part in a triathlon. We are so excited about this event and considering the amount of training that was put into it, everything should go to plan. I’m also looking forward to our time away from Sydney where we can relax, recuperate and come back totally refreshed and energised. Have a nice weekend!

[Autumn centrepiece]
[Currently loving this sleek barrette]
[Seriously thinking to start making cocktails at home from my new coffee table book]
[36 Of The Most Ironic Moments Ever]

Little Things

[Macarons with some glitter from La Renaissance]

After a very relaxing weekend, I started the week feeling very productive which lead to me having a really good week. This week I felt completely grounded and occupied by a pleasant daily routine. Also this week, we finally decided on our next TV series and have already commenced watching ‘Game of Thrones’. I must say, I’m not the best at handling violent scenes and there are lots of them in each episode… Since next week is going to be my busiest week in a while, I’m looking forward to another low-key weekend at home.

[Change of clothes with change of season]
[Best Margarita pizza in town]
[Colours of autumn in our home]
[I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library (Jorge Luis Borges) – check the 35 Best Libraries in the World]

Little Things

[Pretty autumn colour scheme]

The cooler weather has started catching up on me. Having grown up in a country with a proper white winter, people expect me to have a strong resistance to cold temperatures. However, I’ve never felt as cold as I do during winters in Australia. Most of it is to do with the lack of central heating in houses, air-conditioning in offices and a minimal amount of winter clothes sold in stores (the reason for which I can probably understand). Having said that, there is also something special about winter here. For me, it is about spending quality time at home whether I’m watching a movie or simply reading a book. It is the best time to slow down, not overcommit and seeing beauty in the little things. Have a great weekend!

[Quick lunch: smashed avo with lime juice and cottage cheese on sourdough toast]
[Healthy Anzac biscuits for Anzac Day made from this recipe]
[Kids’ toys at a coffee shop]
[Check this out: 1000 awesome things]

Little Things

[Carrot cake I baked for my boyfriend’s birthday using this recipe]

This past week was short and sweet. In Australia, we have two consecutive long weekends which apparently only happens 3 times every 50 years. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday at Cafe Sydney – one of the most amazing restaurants in Sydney. It was also my niece’s birthday and I’m looking forward to our chat this weekend. Here are some of the little things that inspired me this week.
[Amazing fragrance wall at Myer]
[Prep for my flower arrangement post]
[Views from Cockatoo Island]
[15 famous predictions that were spectacularly wrong]

Little Things

[Catching morning ferry to work]

This past week was all about the savouring the sights, scents and flavours of autumn. Since I am a morning person, the end of daylight saving provided a great motivation for my exercise routine. At least, it became much easier to get myself out of bed in the morning. This long weekend we are going to spend at home celebrating Easter. Happy Holiday!
[Charming setting at the friends’ wedding ceremony]
[Becoming a Chartered Accountant]
[Easter details at our place]
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