Wearing Right Now

26.05.14 Wearing right now[1.Tibi Silk Faille Dress (on sale now); 2. Leather Croc Clutch; 3.OPI ‘Chillin Like a Villain’ Nail Polish; 4. Wittner Topper Black Leather Shoes; 5. Tiffany Chain and Pendant]

I can’t say pink has ever been my favourite colour, but there are some shades of pink that I can’t go passed. This dress in flamingo pink is an ideal piece for a semi-formal occasion or a night out with friends. It is low maintenance and has endless styling options. Last Friday I wore it for my friend’s birthday dinner and I didn’t feel the discomfort of wearing a dress (not mentioning all compliments along the way). I paired it with my favourite and extremely practical black leather clutch and heels.

Wearing Right Now

19.05.14 Wearing right now
[1. MiH The Breton Dress; 2. Grosgrain Trim Fedora; 3. OPI ‘Chillin Like a Villain’ Nail Polish; 4. Marcs Mini Bag; 5. Sam Edelman Booties]

This is one of those dresses that you can slip into for casual Friday at work or weekend afternoons. It combines all time favourites: a nautical stripe, boat neckline and colour blocking. For an ideal balance, I pair it with boots and a fedora. Dainty accessories may accentuate its versatility even further.

Wearing Right Now

12.05.14 Wearing right now

[1. British Style Plaid Shirt; 2. Grosgrain Trim Fedora; 3. Essie ‘Fifth Avenue’ Nail Polish; 4. Bardot Jegging; 5. Marcs Mini Bag; 6. Sam Edelman Booties]

This season plaid is popping up everywhere and I’ve been tempted by this trend for quite some time. This pattern normally appears in my closet during autumn and winter months and can be seen on scarves, jumpers and shirts. I love blending it with edgy pieces for a modern take as well as timeless pieces for casual evenings or weekends.

Wearing Right Now

05.05.14 Wearing right now
[1. SABA Top; 2. Chanel Flap Wallet; 3. SABA Skirt; 4. ESSIE ‘Sand Tropez’; 5. SABA Tasha Heel]

This outfit has almost become my work uniform. It’s simple but elegant; clear-cut but sophisticated. The full skirt shows off your shape without revealing too much. Paired with a fitted or boxy top and a pair of SABA shoes, these pieces transition easily from office to off-duty.

Wearing Right Now: Check Scarf

28.04.14 Wearing right now
[1. Country Road check wool scarf; 2. Sussan textured check scarf; 3. Trenery check scarf; 4. Bardot leather jacket; 5. Country Road knit]

There is something about a check scarf – its versatility, colour combination and texture makes it a must-have piece in every girl’s wardrobe. It can be a great addition to most outfits as well as a balancing item of the ensemble, not even mentioning its practicality and warmth. A check scarf is an absolute necessity this season. On a casual day, I like to pair it with my favourite Bardot leather jacket or a knit.

Wearing Right Now

21.04.14 Wearing right now
[1. Country Road silk blouse; 2. Wittner Topper Black Leather Shoes; 3. Tiffany Chain and Pendant; 4. OPI ‘Roll in the Hague’; 5. Marcs Dot Pants; 6. Oroton 1938 Tote]

It’s not often I wear pants to work, have always felt more pulled together in a skirt and a blouse. I also find it extremely challenging to shop for pants that fit well. Despite having a relatively standard body-shape, classic pants don’t often look flattering on me. A couple of months back, I was walking passed Marcs and saw these ink blue pants which I decided to try on. To my surprise, they were a perfect fit and I bought them without thinking. I normally pair them with a black silk button-down for a sleek office look.

Wearing Right Now

14.04.14 Wearing right now
[1. SABA Page Long Sleeve Top; 2. SABA Kirra Skirt; 3. Oroton 1938 Tote; 4. SABA Tasha Heel]

I love the way that different seasons affect the colours of my outfits. Autumn for me is all about the shades of orange and cinnamon so I put together this outfit which I wear to work on a regular basis. It’s classy and instantly lifts my mood. The colour combination of the main ensemble is moderately offset by black and white shoes and black handbag. Saba has been my favourite clothing brand for a long time and I am excited to wear some of their pieces this autumn.